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About Easy EPP


If you're like me you hate the 'taking the papers out' part of the English paper piecing process.

This is the least enjoyable part of EPP, so we decided to do something about it.

Helen Stubbings of Hugs'n Kisses was already using and selling a product called Applique Paper for her simple gluestick needleturn applique technique.

When teaching in Norway, a student learning her applique method, who was already an EPP addict, begged her to cut EPP Shapes from the paper - and a whole new world opened up.

The Applique Paper is a semi water soluble (50%) natural paper with a light glue coating on one side. It can be used for applique, foundation paper piecing, an embroidery stabilizer and also for English Paper Piecing.

The main unique selling point is that the paper does not have to be removed. We simply fuse it to the wrong side of the fabric, turn the edges over the paper, stitch and then leave in the project. It is not offensive unwashed and will soften over time just through handling, but if you do wash it, the 50% water soluble bits - the stiffeners, will dissolve and it remains inside your project like soft fibres or stabilizer. It is fine to embroider through, to quilt through, and to applique by hand or machine and to use in quilts, clothing, bags and more. 

Whilst our range of pre-cuts is currently small, the Applique Paper sheets can go through an inkjet printer or a cutting machine (Brother Scan 'n Cut/Cameo Sillhouette) so you can print or cut any shape or size you desire. We have a large page of download files setup ready to print on the letter size applique paper. If there is something you want, please place a request and we will do the file for you and add it to our download section.

The paper is also semi transparent so you can trace your own designs or shapes and of course use any acrylic templates to cut shapes with scissors or a rotary cutter.

We have many tutorials and videos on how to use these products if you are a beginner. Click on the 'how to' link above to see them all. You are not alone.

We also love to see how you use the paper and the EPP iron-ons in your own work. Please send photos for our gallery or share in Instagram with hashtag #EasyEPP

We have spent the past few years testing, marketing and spreading the word on our EPP iron-on products. Our future plans involve new systems, new processes and new equipment that will allow us to greatly increase our product range, our quality control and the way our products can be used. We have re-branded our cut shapes as EasyEPP iron-on shapes and will soon be able to produce any shape and size we can dream of. This will greatly change our business and allow us to make so many more beautiful things using this newest and, we believe, the BEST method for EPP and Applique.

We hope that in the not too distant future, they will all be warehoused in both Australia and the US and customers can choose where they ship from.

About Hugs 'n Kisses

Hugs 'n Kisses is the design brand of Helen Stubbings, started in 2001 in Canberra Australia. It has since moved to Hobart, Australia and has a shop front called Quarter Inch.

Helen designs patterns and projects for the Quilting industry with her most loved methods being embroidery, applique, English paper piecing and Colourque (TM)  She travels to teach across the world and in her store classroom at home. She also teaches online for Craftsy and from her own website programs. She has selfpublished 4 books and had others published by AQS and currently Landauer. She has also had many many projects in magazines around the world. Helen is a Friend of Bernina, Aurifil designer, and has helped to develop threads for Lecien cosmo. She is also a fabric designer currently working for P&B textiles, with 6 lines already produced.


You can read more about Helen, her family and her businesses HERE.