after the craziness of market I hit the skies for a quick night flight to Buffalo New York. Helen (my loyal friend and Patchwork Garden stitcher) filled me in on some facts about Buffalo which included:

The Buffalo wing was created here in Buffalo – duh!  why hadn't I ever thought of that. So of course I had to try some


and I must say I think they were the best I’ve tasted…

but my real reason for the trip was of course to teach and share with many many lovely women, all with the common addiction of stitching!

My hosts were the ever lovely Joan and Bev of The Patchwork Garden. 


First stop was a jam-packed trunk show at the shop


My venue was the best you could ever imagine…. a purpose built barn on 18 acres of woodland, yes squirrels, geese with their babies and more… my little B&B abode upstairs with a quick commute to class each day (16 steps I think). What more could I wish for..

2015-05-18 14.33.11

We did three days of classes and the ladies were so productive – first day was Colourque by popular request.. it never ceases to excite me seeing everyone's colour choices and how well they come out in the finished product

On the second day my aim was to have 20 new Gluestick applique converts…. I did my best…and then hexies and embroidery… so much was learnt over the three days

of course I couldn't be so close to an international phenomenon and not go see Niagara Falls – and Bev and Joan gladly took me on the little tourist drive…. but oh! not to spoil it for anyone else but it was just not what I had pictured – but very powerful just the same..

2015-05-21 18.31.06-2

I did take heed of the warning signs….2015-05-21 19.16.53-1

This was my last night before the long flight home the next morning… whilst it is so lovely to travel and teach and share and meet so many wonderful people around the world, boy its nice to be home….

hugs for today, as I hug my girls….